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Ocean Matrix OMX-HDMI-2-IP HDMI Over IP Extender / HDMI to CAT5/CAT6 Converter - Bstock (Box was wet)

Distribute HDMI over your LAN/VLAN network with the Ocean Matrix OMX-HDMI-2-IP HDMI Over IP Converter/Extender. No longer is distance a limitation when sending HDMI. Converts HDMI to standard TCP/IP and transmits the signal over your local area network.

The great advantage of converting HDMI to TCP/IP is that you can now send HDMI over your entire network freeing you of the typical limitations found in send/receive point-to-point systems. The Ocean Matrix OMX-HDMI-2-IP delivers unparalleled performance in PRO-AV projection networks, digital signage systems and educational streaming applications. Now your network is your HDMI network!

The transmitter has a static IP address and can pair with multiple receivers (up to 8). Multiple transmitters and multiple receivers can be paired on the same network.

A VLAN switch is required to operate multiple units (up to 8 transmitter/receiver pairs) with separate IP addresses on the same LAN network.

Please Note: Bstock - Unit is new but the packaging was wet.


  • Supports Multiple Receivers (up to 8) from a Single HDMI Extender / Transmitter
  • 36 Bit Deep Color Support
  • May Also be Used as a Standard Point-to-Point (up to 120 meters) Transmit & Receive for On-Location Monitoring & Content Delivery
  • L/R Stereo Audio
  • Transmission Rate Supported:10.2Gbps
  • Robust Aluminum Housing
    Bstock - Unit is new but the packaging was wet.


Item Includes:

  • HDMI Over IP Sender
  • HDMI Over IP Receiver
  • Two 5VDC/1A Switching Power Supply
  • User Manual

Downloadable Ocean Matrix Warranty Card

Part Number: OMX-HDMI-2IP-BS4
List: $130.00