Sescom OMX-HDMI-CAT6BST Product Image

Ocean Matrix OMX-HDMI-CAT6BST 160 Foot 1080p HDMI Extender over Single Cat - Bstock (Unit Works/Minimal Physical Damage)

The Ocean Matrix OMX-HDMI-CAT6 extends HDMI based high definition video/audio beyond the standard distances of HDMI cable and its inherent limitations. Consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, this system delivers full 1080P HDMI signal up to 160 feet over a single CAT6 network cable. The system fully supports 1080p resolutions as well as IR control over the same cable run.

The transmitter features a built-in HDMI loop-out for local display and monitoring. IR signal transmission allows for remote control of the source at a secondary location with two IR extension cables (included).

Please Note: The unit works but has minimal physical damage.
Ideal for projections screens, home theatre, outdoor advertising, remote conferencing, CCTV, high-end security, and remote HD monitoring.


  • Supports 1080p HDMI resolution
  • Transmits over a single CAT6 up to 164 feet
  • Local HDMI loop-out on transmitter
  • IR signal transmission support
  • Works with HDMI HDCP compliant devices
    The unit works, but has minimal physical damage.


Item Includes:

  • One transmitter
  • One receiver
  • Two 5VDC power adapters
  • One IR blaster extension cable, connects to transmitter- 3.28 ft (1m)
  • One IR receiver extension cable, connects to receiver - 3.28 ft (1m)

Downloadable Ocean Matrix Warranty Card

List: $105.00