Sescom OMX-AV-AB Product Image

Ocean Matrix Composite Video and Audio Input Expander Switch

This is part of Ocean Matrix's series of Economical AB-Switches that are designed to last with your pockets in mind! These helpful AB switches can also function as input and output expansions for any of your equipment.Designed to save you time and protect your expensive equipment from the wear and tear of plugging and unplugging connectors. Perfect for your home theater, studio or anywhere you would normally have to plug and unplug devices.


  • Composite Video and Left and Right Stereo RCA connector AB switch.
  • RCA connectors are color coded with industry standards for easy connection.
  • Yellow = Composite Video, Red = Right Audio and White = Left Audio.
  • Perfect solution if you need more AV inputs to your LCD TV.
  • Switch requires no power and is bidirectional.

Downloadable Ocean Matrix Warranty Card

Part Number: OMX-AV-AB
List: $49.95